Leixlip GAA Golf Society

An Act of Kindness

Saturday 18th May, saw the second days play of the Leixlip GAA Golf Society Annual away trip. The location was the splendid Waterford Castle golf course, on a beautiful sunny day.  Everything was picture perfect bar one thing – my feet were killing me from the day before. Barely able to walk, I soldiered on and teed off at the 1st hole – there was a small delay (“what’s the delay?”) sorting out the playing order of the various groups which thankfully was amicably resolved!

My playing partners, Pat Hilliard and Very Special Guest Padraig Kearney, looked on sympathetically from the lofty perch of their golf buggy as I limped after my ball.  In fairness they kept an eye on me all day and eventually, Pat Hilliard declared that I had suffered enough.  It was about the half way point.  Of the 17th hole.  I’m still unsure how eagle-eyed Pat realised the distress I was in;  It could have been the sight of me crawling on all fours after my ball, writhing in agony and crying for Mammy.  I suspect though it was when he saw me attempt to play the 3-wood whilst lying prone on the fairway that gave away my not-so-obvious distress.

There followed a brief but animated 30 minute consultation between my friends Pat and Padraig to determine who would give up their seat in the buggy for the last hole and a half.  Pat must be a lot stronger then he looks because eventually Padraig was unceremoniously ejected, bruised and bloody, from the buggy.  I’m convinced the loss of the seat is what caused him to 9 putt the 17th so for that Padraig, I am truly sorry.

I just couldn’t let the weekend finish without thanking my two playing partners for displaying such an act of kindness and generosity. It is what makes the Leixlip GAA Golf Society so special 🙂

Thnx lads