Leixlip GAA Golf Society

Golf handicaps 2019



Handicap system (approved at 2018 AGM)


The purpose of the handicap system in Leixlip GAA Golf Society is to attempt to give every member a reasonable chance of winning a prize. In particular it is designed to reduce the chances of any member winning multiple prizes.


At the start of the year 2019 all current Society handicaps will be rounded to the nearest whole number. All existing members will then receive a bonus of 5 Stableford points added to their 2019 starting Society Handicaps.


Handicap Cuts for prize winners (usual outings including the Presidents):


1st overall

1st  Class

9’s and subsequent prizes (excluding nearest pin, longest drive, etc) Cuts 3 1 No cuts but no shots back


Captains Outing Prize 1st overall 2nd 3rd  1st Class 9’s & other Class prizes only Cuts 4 2 1 1 No cuts but no shots back


 Any player who wins 1st prize overall twice (or more) in a calendar year will be cut an additional 1 shot.  Every player who plays and returns a card and does not win a prize will receive 1 shot (or bonus point) back up to a maximum handicap of 36    When a player reaches the maximum handicap of 36 they will then receive Bonus points as appropriate. Subsequent cuts (for winning) will be off the bonus points until the player reaches a h/c of 36.  Any player who wins any prize, except 1st overall, with a score of less than 30 points will not be cut but will not receive a shot (or bonus point) back.  The week-end away competition will not be included as a normal outing i.e. there will be no cuts or shots/bonus points back.  The Executive Committee will review the operation of the handicaps system during the year and are authorised to correct any unforeseen anomalies. In addition they can adjust handicaps as they consider necessary, for example, if a player returns an exceptionally high score their h/c may be cut (in additional to any cuts received for winning a prize) or if a player receives 5 or more shots/bonus points consecutively their handicap might be increased.




Leixlip GAA Golf Society

Bonus Points: When deciding on Ties bonus points will be allocated as follows:  Back 9 score: 1/2 of the bonus points (exact to 1 decimal point)  Back 6 score: 1/3  of the bonus points (exact to 1 decimal point)  Back 3 score: 1/6 of the bonus points (exact to 1 decimal point)  Back 1 score: 1/18 of the bonus points (exact to 1 decimal point). e.g.  Player a. score 36 SF points off h/c of 18 Player b. score 34 SF points off h/c 36 + 2 bonus points = Score 36 SF points. Back Nine:  Player a: 17 SF points  Player b: 17 SF points + 1 bonus point = 18 SF points so Player b. wins.


Prizes: If 12 or less members playing on the day:  1st Overall and 1st Class 1 and 1st Class 2. Class 1 and 2 will be determined on the day so as to try and give equal numbers in each class. If there are an odd number of cards or players have the same handicap a player will be allocated a Class based on drawing cards.


 If 13 or more members playing on the day:  1st Overall and 1st Class 1, 1st Class 2 and 1st Class 3. Note. the Committee may decide to have only 2 Class prizes, eg if only 13 members attend.


Singles Matchplay  (Entry fee to play:- (€10, agreed at AGM)  All fees collected will be used to pay for a venue for the final, a meal for the finalists and prizes.  The H/C that applies for each round will be the Society H/C as applying at the time the draw is made for each round. The H/C that applies for the final will be decided by the Society Committee when the finalists are announced.  Matches will be played in accordance with the rules of golf for singles matchplay.  In accordance with CONGU recommendation’s the full difference between players handicaps will be allowed but the maximum handicap will be 36 (bonus points will not count).  Any matches played in conjunction with an outing will be played in Stableford format (i.e. matchplay is not allowed). o Both players will be paired together if possible. o The best total Stableford score for the round will win the match o In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by a count back in the usual way (B9, B6 etc). If still tied the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.